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$7.50/Mo $50/Yr

Prices are in USD

  • 50 Quilt
  • Rectangle, Triangle, Onpoint grids
  • Printed Fabric
  • 250 Fabric
  • Save Blocks
  • Ombre Maker
  • Clone
  • Access to all blocks
  • Fabric Pulls
  • Colourways


$10/Mo $100/Yr

Prices are in USD

  • Everything from the Basic Plan
  • Unlimited Quilts
  • Unlimited Fabric
  • Sell quilts using Colour Pages

Basic Plan

Create Up to 50 quilts

Let's say you are make a quilt for someone you care about. Before you start sewing you might want to create a couple of different versions in PreQuilt first. With the clone feature, you can clone an existing quilt so that you can make various versions. When you have version A, B, C done you can then email the link to get feedback. When you are done with your project, you can move the unwanted versions into the trash. Quilts in the trash do not count towards your 50 quilt limit.

Triangle Grid

PreQuilt comes with 2 grids - Recatangle and Triangle. The Recatangle Grid is the default and is available for all plans. The Triangle Grid uses equilateral triangles and is the building blocks to create other shapes like diamonds, hexagons, and stars. You'll be surprised with the designs you can do with this grid.

Import Fabric

Imagine you are at the fabric store and you find this stunning fabric but you are not sure how it will look with your quilt design. Simply take a photo of the fabric and import it to PreQuilt to audition it while you are at the store. This is a great way to test before you buy as well as a great way to destash what you already have.

Access to over 100 blocks

Get access to all of the PreQuilt blocks. What's great about the blocks is that you can use the Block Editor to edit any of the PreQuilt blocks so that you can customize your design. Sometimes a little change to a block can have a big impact on the overall quilt.

Ombre Maker

Creating and editing Ombres can be tedius. With the Ombre Maker, you just need to build your ombre once and when you change a colour, your ombre will automatically update. Using the Ombre Maker and the Colour Randomizer is a great way to surprise yourself with various ombres. You can also use the Ombre Maker for your colouring pages to improve the experience for your customers.

Fabric Calculator

Know how much fabric you need so you can plan ahead. The Fabric Calculator produces a visualization of a bolt of fabric illustrating all the blocks you'll need along with the total yardage. We think transparency is important and we want you to know how we came up with the yardage so we try to break it down with visuals. Please note that the Fabric Calculator only calculates HST and Recatangle blocks for now. We are working towards adding more blocks to the calculator. Thank you for your patience.

Save Blocks to your Account

We all have some blocks that are our go to when it comes to designing? When you save your blocks to your account you can access them and pull from them whenever you design a quilt. Sometimes inspiration hits us at the oddest times. Simple log into your PreQuilt from anywhere like your mobile phone and fire up the Block Editor and create your block.

What happens when I downgrade or cancel my account?

When you cancel your paid suscription you won't have access to any of your content until you activate your account again. Don't worry, we will never delete your content when you cancel.

Market Plan

Includes everything from the Basic Plan

Unlimited quilts.

You can create as many as quilts as you like.

Create Colouring Pages

If you're a quilt designer, you're going to love this feature. Just like paper colouring pages, you can provide your customers with digital colouring pages customized for your quilt design. PreQuilt digital colouring pages enable you to protect the secrets of your quilt design, like block designs and sizes. Link your online shop directly to your digital colouring page for a complete commercial service. *PreQuilt is not responsible for selling or collecting payments for your quilt pattern.

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